Benefits of Yoga- Podcast with The Odd Couple Podcast

Emotional Investment- Relationships with people and things

Who are you? Are you an emotionally invested person? Do you let your day be affected by the people you invest in? Is your mood swayed by the ideologies and affiliations that you are invested in? I am a very volatile people when it comes to emotionally investing in people. I either have my guardsContinue reading “Emotional Investment- Relationships with people and things”

The identity of happiness

I often wonder how much harm we do to ourselves by trying to measure happiness according to society’s prescribed standards. We already have social pressure around what age we should complete our education, at what age we should get married, when we should have children, by when we should own a house and so on.Continue reading “The identity of happiness”

Does your yoga practice have a soul

Over the years I have seen many people rediscovering the ancient system of yoga. It has become a trend across the world today and everyone does yoga. But what I have realised in a very brief span of time, is that people’s practice is very shallow. I’m not talking about their understanding of the systemContinue reading “Does your yoga practice have a soul”

Yoga for Menstrual Health- Periods, PCOS and more

The body goes through multiple changes during this period and it is very important to understand one’s body before determining an exercise routine. That said, yoga asanas can be very restorative and relaxing during a period cycle. Read the full article…

Yoga for Mental Health- Mind and body wellness

The greatest misconception about yoga is that it is about fancy postures and complicated twists. Yoga is one of the oldest multidimensional systems of healing in the world. It is a combination of asana, pranayama, dhyana, kriya, bandha, and mudras (physical postures, breathwork, meditation, cleansing,  neuromuscular locks, and hand gestures/ seals). While asana gets mostContinue reading “Yoga for Mental Health- Mind and body wellness”

Pranic Healing-To Heal or Not To Heal

In December, I attended a workshop on Pranic Healing conducted by GMCKS (Grand Master Choa Kok Sui) Pranic Healing centre. It was a two-day learning that left me with a mixed-bag of emotions. I signed up for this workshop because I have always believed that the body is more than a physical manifestation. As aContinue reading “Pranic Healing-To Heal or Not To Heal”

Death and the aspiring yogi

The last few months haven’t been very kind to humanity in general. Death has reared its ugly face one too many times in the last quarter of 2020. The passing of certain people has affected us more than others for reasons we alone know. But ‘death’ isn’t something that we like focusing on, talking about,Continue reading “Death and the aspiring yogi”